Pay per click management
for Dallas area businesses

Profitability. That's the name of the game. Our pay per click
management services for Dallas area businesses works with
you to identify weaknesses in your ppc advertising.

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Dallas-based Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Firm Koraska Interactive

Yes, that large ppc management firm assigned a rookie to manage your campaign, and they wasted a lot of your advertising dollars! With us, you work directly with the owner of the company to manage and optimize your pay per click campaigns.

Imagine working with someone local that focuses on your business, and your profitability? We WILL reduce your spending, improve your click through rates, improve your conversion rates, and drive profitability.

Contact us today so that we can show you how the internet can work for you! 214.458.4202

How do we make your online advertising profitable?

First, we do a complete evaluation of your current Adwords campaign.

Next, we evaluate your competitor's strengths and weaknesses. This exposes gaps that we / you can take advantage of in online advertising.

Always be Testing!

Many of the "large agencies" have junior account reps that are managing hundreds of campaigns! There is absolutely NO WAY this can be effective, nor successful. WHY? A single individual can really only manage about 15 accounts if they are doing all the right things on a daily basis. For example, this is what we do daily:

  • Split testing of multiple ad copy
  • Creating multiple ads, both text ads and banner ads
  • Examining what works, and what doesn't
  • Always striving to improve campaign performance - Always be Testing!
  • Weekly reporting so you know what is going on!

Contact us today so that we can show you how the internet can work for you! 214.458.4202